CMPT 354: Database Systems I (SFU, Fall 2018)


In 2017, the global database market has reached over 50 billion U.S. dollars in size. Millions of web/mobile applications are using database systems to manage their data. SQL has become a prerequisite skill for being a data scientist or a data engineer. Now is the most exciting time to learn database systems.
In this first database course, we will teach you how to use database systems, with a short introduction to the internals of database systems. After this course, you should be able to master essential skills to query a database using SQL, design a database for applications, and have a basic understanding of how database systems work.




Tentative Schedule

Date Topic Reading Assigned Due
Sep 4 Course Introduction [pptx| pdf] No Reading
Sep 6 Database History [pptx| pdf] No Reading
Sep 11 Relational Data Model [pptx| pdf] GUW 2.1~2.3 Assignment 1. SQL Basics
Sep 13 Relational Data Model GUW 2.1~2.3
Sep 18 SQL:Intro [pptx | pdf] GUW 6.1~6.2
Sep 20 SQL:Intro GUW 6.1~6.2
Sep 25 SQL: Advanced [pptx | pdf] GUW 6.3~6.4 Assignment 2. SQL Advanced A1
Sep 27 SQL: Advanced GUW 6.3~6.4
Oct 02 Relational Algebra [pptx | pdf] GUW 2.4
Oct 04 Relational Algebra GUW 2.4
Oct 09 Basics of Query Processing and Indexing [pptx | pdf] GUW 8.3-4 & 14.1.1-14.1.7 Assignment 3. Relational Algebra and Indexing A2
Oct 11 Basics of Query Processing and Indexing GUW 8.3-4 & 14.1.1-14.1.7
Oct 16 Midterm Review [pptx | pdf]
Oct 18 Midterm
Oct 23 Query Optimization Basics [pptx | pdf] GUW 5.2 & 16.3
Oct 25 Query Optimization Basics GUW 15.{1,3,4.6,6} and 16.4-5
Oct 30 ER Model [pptx | pdf] GUW 4.1-4.6 A3
Nov 1 ER Model GUW 4.1-4.6 Assignment 4. Database Design
Nov 6 Design Theory [pptx | pdf] GUW 3.1-3.4
Nov 8 Design Theory GUW 3.1-3.4
Nov 13 Database Applications [pptx | pdf] GUW 9.1-9.4
Nov 15 Database Applications GUW 9.1-9.4
Nov 20 Transaction Processing [pptx| pdf] GUW 18.1-18.3 Assignment 5. Database Application and Transaction Management A4
Nov 22 Transaction Processing GUW 18.1-18.3
Nov 27 Where to Go From Here [pptx| pdf] No Reading
Nov 29 Where to Go From Here No Reading
Dec 4 A5 (Part 1) Due
Dec 13 Final Exam
Dec 16 A5 (Part 1) Due




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